Monday 12 August
09:00-10:30 Welcome

10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Doctoral Consortium reports

A Methodology for Teaching Programming for Beginners
Viviane Cristina Oliveira Aureliano
Alternate Realities for Computational Thinking
Karen Doore
Learning to Support Novices in the Wild
Sarah Esper
We Belong Here Too
Michelle Friend
Visualizing and Classifying Multiple Solutions to Engineering Design Problems
Elena L. Glassman
The Role of Place in Affording Different Kinds of Student Engagement and Learning
Daniel Knox
User Interface Computation as a Contextualized Approach for Introductory Computing Instruction
Jeffrey Steven La Marche
How Can a Social Debugging Game Effectively Teach Computer Programming Concepts?
Michael Lee
Using Cognitive Load Theory to Improve the Efficiency of Learning to Program
Briana Morrison
Investigating the Effects of Women-in-CS Initiatives
Elizabeth Patitsas
Identity Development of CS and IT Students – What’s the Role of Higher Education?
Anne-Kathrin Peters
Automatically Assessing the Quality of Student-Written Tests
Zalia Shams
12:00-13:00 Lunch + Doctoral Consortium posters
13:00-14:00 Research papers: pedagogical content knowledge

Towards a Conceptualization of Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Computer Science
Peter Hubwieser, Johannes Magenheim, Andreas Mühling, Alexander Ruf
Identifying Threshold Concepts: From Dead End to a New Direction
Dermot Shinners-Kennedy, Sally Fincher
14:00-15:00 Research papers: did it work and how?

Exploring Hypotheses about Media Computation
Mark Guzdial
A Tale of Three Sites: Resource and Knowledge Sharing Amongst Computer Science Educators
Neil C. C. Brown, Michael Kölling
15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-17:00 Discussion papers

Where Students Go For Knowledge and What They Find There
Daniel Knox, Sally Fincher
Toward Facilitating Assistance to Students Attempting Engineering Design Problems
Elena Glassman, Robert Miller, Ned Gulley
An Open Platform for Managing Short Programming Exercises
Andrei Papancea, David Hovemeyer, Jaime Spacco
Toward Practical Mutation Analysis for Evaluating the Quality of Student-Written Software Tests
Zalia Shams, Stephen Edwards
17:00-18:00 Optional Social Hour: Porter’s Pub
Tuesday 13 August
09:00-10:00 Research papers: learning theory

Modeling the Learning Progressions of Computational Thinking of Primary Grade Students
Linda Seiter, Brendan Foreman
The Zones of Proximal Flow
Ashok Basawapatna, Kyu Han Koh, Hilarie Nickerson, Alexander Repenning
10:00-10:30 Lightning Talks, download abstracts
10:30-11:0 Break
11:00-12:00 Research papers: quantifying

Towards a Taxonomy of Errors in HTML and CSS
Thomas Park, Ankur Saxena, Swathi Jagannath, Susan Wiedenbeck, Andrea Forte
Effective and Ineffective Software Testing Behaviors by Novice Programmers
Kevin Buffardi, Stephen Edwards
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:00 Research papers: replication

Can First-Year Students Program Yet? A Study Revisited
Robert McCartney, Jonas Boustedt, Anna Eckerdal, Kate Sanders, Carol Zander
Efficient Egg Drop Contests
Michelle Friend, Robert Cutler
14:00-14:30 Break
14:30-15:30 Research papers: entering the field

Undergraduate Conceptions of the Field of Computer Science
Michael Hewner
Mining Data from the AP CS A Exam: Patterns, Non-Patterns, and Replication Failure
Colleen Lewis, Huda Khayrallah, Amy Tsai
15:30-16:30 Research papers: entering the field

Special session
Geek Genes, Prior Knowledge, Stumbling Points and Learning Edge Momentum
Alireza Ahadi, Raymond Lister
16:30-17:00 Free Time
17:00-21:30 Bus to dinner
Wednesday 14 August
09:00-10:30 Research papers: classroom pedagogies

Student Experience in a Student-Centered Peer Instruction Classroom
Beth Simon, Sarah Esper, Leo Porter, Quintin Cutts
Effect of Think-Pair-Share in a Large CS1 class: 83% Sustained Engagement
Aditi Kothiyal, Rwitajit Majumdar, Sahana Murthy, Sridhar Iyer
Comparing and Contrasting Different Algorithms Leads to Increased Student Learning
Elizabeth Patitsas, Michelle Craig, Steve Easterbrook
10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:00 Research papers: games

In-Game Assessments Increase Novice Programmers’ Engagement and Level Completion Speed
Michael Lee, Andrew Ko, Irwin Kwan
Using Cargo-Bot to Provide Contextualized Learning of Recursion
Joe Tessler, Calvin Lin, Bradley Beth
12:00-13:00 Wrap-up session. Business meeting on structure and future of ICER.
13:00-14:00 Optional Post-Conference Lunch on your own at The Loft
Afternoon activities to be recommended: Kayaking at La Jolla Cove, The Stephen Birch Aquarium, San Diego Microbrew Bus Tour